Teacher Profile: Elijah Thomson

Elijah Thomson

Elijah Thomson

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Guitar

City: Seattle

Education: Riverside City College

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    About Elijah Thomson

    Elijah Thomson currently plays bass for Father John Misty and is a renown musician and producer in the music industry. Over a 25 year career, he has amassed hundreds of recording credits and thousands of live performances around the world with myriad artists—including: Father John Misty, The Wallflowers, Nathaniel Rateliff, Richard Swift, Everest, Delta Spirit, Deep Sea Diver, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Isobel Campbell, The Watson Twins, David Crosby and many others.

    Offering instruction on electric bass and guitar, Elijah studied music theory and jazz composition under Charlie Richards at The Riverside Conservatory of Music in California. In college he played upright bass in the Big Band Jazz Ensemble, and electric bass in a five-piece all-star jazz combo. Upon completion of his studies, Mr. Richards presented Elijah with a customized certificate which read: “Most Likely to Play on Records That Make Obscene Amounts of Money”. (True story)

    Having just recently relocated to Tacoma, Washington in the Pacific Northwest, Elijah Thomson is excited to share his vast experience and knowledge with the aspiring musicians of his new community! He knows quite well, the discipline it takes to become a world-class musician, and also the pure joys that can come from a life creating beautiful musical experiences for others! He can demonstrate fun and practical ways to use proper technique, music theory and rudimental practices to unlock the inner composer inside and expand the creative mind! Music is more than just ink blots on a page, or a cluster of harmonized sound waves. It is a beautiful and ethereal mystery that has the power to change lives. Not merely for the listeners in the audience, but (especially) for the artist.

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