Teacher Profile: Elijah Herzog

Elijah Herzog

Elijah Herzog

Instrument(s): Bass, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Music Production, Music Theory, Trumpet, Ukulele

City: Denver

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    About Elijah Herzog

    Elijah Herzog is a passionate musician and dedicated instructor, committed to guiding students of all ages and abilities on their musical journey. With 25 years of experience playing guitar, Elijah's musical exploration spans classical, jazz, blues, rock, funk, soul, pop, fusion, and improvisation.

    Since his college years, Elijah has immersed himself in both professional performance and teaching. He has had the privilege of touring extensively across the country with various bands, enriching his musical perspective and honing his craft.

    Elijah finds immense fulfillment in sharing his love of music with audiences and students alike. Witnessing the growth and transformation of his students as they pursue their musical dreams is a source of great joy and inspiration.

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