Teacher Profile: David Lingum

David Lingum

David Lingum

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Guitar

City: Orlando


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    About David Lingum

    David was born on the nineteenth of October in Queens, New York. He
    was first introduced to music at the age of eight, when his parents
    enrolled him in piano classes in his hometown. When he moved down to
    Florida at the age of 15, he started learning how to play drums at a
    local church.

    Shortly after that, David realized playing Guitar Hero wasn’t quite
    enough for him so his father picked up an old guitar from a garage sale
    a few months later. He immediately fell in love with it. About 3 months
    later, David entered a Regional Competition known as “Top Nazarene
    Talent” and placed first. He then got the opportunity to compete at
    Trevecca Nazarene University and placed fifth in the region after only
    playing for a short period of time.

    Since then, he has played in many churches, venues and festivals with
    local bands and talented musicians. His influences range from Pop,
    Contemporary, Alternative, Rock and Metal. He hopes to help his
    students find their own unique style by introducing them to the basics,
    building a solid foundation of theory. He also highly encourages his
    students to have fun while playing by adding their own unique zest.

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