Teacher Profile: Crystal Delpin

Crystal Delpin

Crystal Delpin

Instrument(s): Cello, Little Music Makers, Music Therapy

City: Orlando

Education: Baldwin Wallace University

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    About Crystal Delpin

    Crystal Delpin has dedicated her life to the study of music, psychology, and the arts. Her extensive range of studies includes cello, guitar (acoustic and electric), ukulele, hand-held dulcimer, piano, voice, chamber music, drawing, and various artistic projects. Crystal obtained her Bachelor's degrees in Music and Psychology from the Baldwin Wallace University Conservatory of Music. She received guidance from esteemed mentors such as Regina Mushabac, Kyle Price, Christine Lee, Debbie Price, and Terri Boselli. Additionally, she had the privilege of participating in chamber music masterclasses and orchestral ensembles with renowned groups like the Cavani String Quartet, Harumi Rhodes, The Dover String Quartet, and The Emerson String Quartet.

    Crystal possesses a deep passion for performing music for audiences. She has successfully led numerous Music Therapy groups and individual sessions. Notably, she facilitated individual music therapy sessions in Cleveland, Ohio, at MetroHealth Systems ICU, TICU, SICU, and Rehabilitation Hospital. Crystal has competed in chamber music competitions and Symphonic Competitions in Washington D.C. and Chicago. She has showcased her talent at various events, including the Columbus Chamber Music Connection, Baldwin Wallace University's Symphony, and performances with her own band, D2. Crystal's performances span a wide range of styles and genres, serving as a profound means of emotional expression.

    Teaching music, making music alongside others, and utilizing music as a tool to help others is what drives Crystal as an individual. As a teacher, she strives to inspire others, helping them discover their own creative inspiration and genuine self-expression. Crystal has experience teaching students of all age groups throughout her high school and collegiate career. She firmly believes in involving each student in goal-setting to create a collaborative and healthy learning environment. Her approach encompasses not only mastery of the instrument but also self-mastery.

    In Crystal’s free time she enjoys painting, performing with her band D2, hiking, rock climbing, reading, and gardening. Embracing nature and engaging in gardening have revealed to her the significance of patience, nurture, and the cyclical patterns that inspire tremendous growth. Creating a strong foundation for genuine growth remains the most crucial aspect of Crystal's teaching philosophy.

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