Teacher Profile: Connley Fleming

Connley Fleming

Connley Fleming

Instrument(s): Guitar, Piano

City: Washington, DC

Education: George Mason University

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    About Connley Fleming

    Connley Fleming is a passionate musician and educator who specializes in guitar and piano instruction in Northern Virginia. With years of experience as an active performer, Connley has honed his skills at Allegro School of the Arts and George Mason University under the guidance of Mathew Trkula.

    As a teacher, Connley believes in making music lessons fun, while also encouraging students to develop discipline and creativity on their instruments. He understands the importance of sharing music with others and how it can build character and social skills. Connley has worked with students of all levels, from beginners to advanced, and takes pride in helping them achieve their musical goals.

    In addition to his teaching experience, Connley has also served as a music director for vacation bible school at a local church. He finds joy in helping students fully appreciate the music they love and exploring new styles. Allover, Connley is a talented and dedicated music teacher.

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