Teacher Profile: Colleen Beatty

Colleen Beatty

Colleen Beatty

Instrument(s): Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, Piano, Ukulele, Voice

City: Denver

Education: BA in Comunnications/Sociology MA in EDU

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    About Colleen Beatty

    Colleen Murphy Beatty is an adventurous explorer in the world of music and arts and an avid creator. From her current project, as the singer and founder of eclectic bluegrass/folk/jam-jazz project, BottleRocket Hurricane, to her book/cd ‘s “Fairytale Endings” & “Soul Songs”, Colleen always tries to keep the message of self actualization and harmony as a theme in her work. She is a thoughtful songwriter, & weaves meaning into her music by uniting elements of consciousness, humor & love in to all she does.
    Colleen’s (Thinning Veil Artworks) murals and found art can be seen all over the city of Denver & Boulder. Her whimsical pieces incorporate instruments in a unique and relevant way, combining music & art in fresh presentation.
    Colleen has been an educator in the city of Denver for over 15 years teaching art & music for DPS, & the Logan School for Expeditionary Learning and DJDS. She Holds a BA in communication ,theatre & sociology & a MA in edu.
    She is mom to 3 boisterous boys. A writer, an artist/puppeteer & a musician.

    BA in Comunnications/Sociology MA in EDU

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