Teacher Profile: Chloe Lorence

Chloe Lorence

Chloe Lorence

Instrument(s): Guitar, Piano

City: Washington, DC

George Mason University

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    About Chloe Lorence

    Chloe Lorence is a piano and guitar instructor who knew from a very young age that she would play music for the rest of her life. She has been involved in many different types of bands, music programs and teaching environments throughout her life. Drawing from her vast array of experiences, Chloe has developed a well-rounded approach to both teaching and performing.

    From her first piano lessons at the age of 8, Chloe has never lost her passion for this instrument. Throughout middle and high school, she participated in numerous recitals and competitions, as well as branching into other genres of playing including pop and jazz in her own time. She also played in several contemporary bands in high school which helped her develop her ear and improvisational skills. She began teaching herself acoustic guitar at the age of 11, focusing mainly on learning pop songs in her own time.

    Chloe is in her final year for her Bachelor's in Music from George Mason University, where she completed additional coursework in education and childhood development. She has taught private piano and guitar lessons for several years, taking on her first student while still in high school. She has experience working with students of every age and ability. Throughout the past several years she has also worked in education positions at various levels including after-school programs, college tutoring and teaching a contemporary band for high school students. For the past eight years she has volunteered to play nearly every week for different church bands throughout the DMV area. She uses her skills in synth sound creation and DAW software programs very often in these situations.

    Because of her varied background, Chloe is able to assist students reach a variety of goals. She has both a strong background in classical music and music theory as well as playing for contemporary bands, improvisation and playing by ear. This allows Chloe to create unique lesson plans for students depending on their goals, and tailor curriculum to a student's aspirations.

    For Chloe, music has always been a deep passion. As early as she can remember, she has been drawn to it. Now that she has gained extensive skills and experience of her own, she is eager to share this with students on their own quests to discover the joy of music. Chloe looks forward to helping her students achieve every goal they dream -- and more.

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