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Charlotte Simone

Charlotte Simone

Instrument(s): Piano, Voice

City: Washington, DC

Education: Catholic University

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    About Charlotte Simone

    Charlotte Simone is a DC-based vocalist, actor, educator, and historian who has nearly 10 years of experience studying music with a concentration in Voice. While mainly a performer, she has discovered a deep passion for teaching students of all ages and levels so that they can experience the miracle of singing and studying the human voice. In addition to vocal studies, Charlotte teaches beginner piano -- both as a part of vocal study and as a stand-alone instrument.

    A recent graduate of Catholic University's Benjamin T. Rome School of Music, Drama and Art with a Bachelor of Music in Musical Theatre, she is well versed in many different musical styles, including musical theatre, jazz, opera, rock, and pop. She has studied with Juilliard-trained DC artist Celine Mogielnicki and DC theatre performer and voice teacher Tracy Lynn Olivera, among other excellent teachers in DC, New York, and London. Charlotte also plays ukulele and piano as secondary instruments, and she has completed several years of music theory and aural training. As a historian, she has an interest in music and theatre history, particularly in Elizabethan-period plays and music.

    Charlotte has studied various methodologies of acting and movement, all of which have benefited her musical studies and vocal growth. Being in tune with the body is the basis for her teaching of proper vocal technique. Each young singer working with Charlotte will learn breath support, resonance, physical awareness, and other foundations of singing, which are applied to all practical singing and repertoire. This last point is crucial - while Charlotte will always act as a musical guide and teacher of technique, the students will have the ability to choose their repertoire if they wish, so that each lesson is as engaging and enriching as possible for each individual student. Charlotte believes in the joy of collaboration and cultivating personal interests. She offers audition coaching for musical theatre, anything from classic/Golden Age to contemporary to pop/rock.

    In addition to voice, Charlotte teaches beginner piano students, as she finds it is a great tool for establishing the fundamentals of music and building a strong foundation. She especially believes that the combination of the two leads to significant musical results for students.

    Overall, Charlotte's goal as a music teacher is to inspire her students and get them excited about music. There is so much joy to be found in it and so many skills to be fostered!

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