Teacher Profile: Brian Urias

Brian Urias

Brian Urias

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Guitar, Ukulele, Voice

City: Washington, DC

Education: Associates Degree in Liberal Arts

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    About Brian Urias

    Brian Urias is a guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and producer from the DMV area. Brian discovered his love for guitar and music at the age of 13 while in middle school. Since then he has become a performer and instructor specializing in the genres of Latin Jazz, Spanish Classical, Pop, and R&B.

    Throughout Brian's high school and college studies, he performed at various venues throughout the D.C. area with a number of ensembles and bands. He also had the opportunity to serve as a session musician for various local artists and has made guest appearances on several albums. As a songwriter, Brian also had several opportunities to showcase his original music during his college years with other local bands. He continues to active write new music and seek out creative collaborations for his work.

    Brian's passion for creating music is matched by his passion for teaching it. He started his journey as a guitar instructor by teaching friends and peers in high school, and his student base grew from there. He continued his role as an instructor through college and has had the great fortune of helping many students, young beginners through adults, learn the art of playing guitar and songwriting. Nonetheless, what is most important to Brian is that he plants a seed in his students hearts for music. It is his goal to help prospective students gain the necessary skills to reach a solid level of proficiency, then shape their personal style on the guitar for the future and beyond.

    While Brian is a seasoned instrumentalist, he is -- more importantly -- a lover of music and and educator. His mission in lessons is to find what inspires each student and to give them a well-rounded foundation they can develop for a lifetime, as well as learn basic problem-solving skills through music. Brian knows it only takes one great teacher to open up the world of possibilities on guitar, and he hopes to serve as that inspiration for all students. Whether he's talking about the history of flamenco, Jazz, or teaching the basic progressions found in rock n' roll, Brian hopes students see his genuine passion for the musical arts and its traditions.

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