Teacher Profile: Branden Peralta

Branden Peralta

Branden Peralta

Instrument(s): Clarinet, Piano, Saxophone

City: Orlando

Education: Seminole State College

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    About Branden Peralta

    Branden Xavier Peralta started his musical journey in 2014 attending a Conservatory for the Arts where he discovered a love for musicianship and the community it breeds. He began on Bb clarinet and has since expanded to a broad array of instruments, ranging the saxophone family, the clarinet family, piano, string instruments, percussion instruments, and upper brass. His drive to pick up a multitude of instruments stems from his goal in life to become a band director which requires of him a wide spectrum of knowledge involving every possible instrument.

    During his years at SSC in pursuit of a degree in Music Education, he was the Principal Clarinetist for Seminole State College’s Symphonic band. Studying under the tutelage of lessons instructor Steve G. Amann, and observing the teaching style of Band Director James Smisek, PhD. These instructors are the basis for his hybrid style of teaching in which he blends his personality and interests with the students’ needs. He has performed in solo recitals, symphonic concerts, jazz concerts, open mics, and played live on Miami’s jazz radio station 88.9 WDNA.

    Branden’s goal with his students is to equip them with the tools to understand and harness the art that is Music. His students do as much listening as they do playing. He teaches them the importance of music theory, and he will help them understand Why as well as How. Through innovative and immersive methods of teaching, Branden explains to students the history and the implications of the music we play, and equips them with a repertoire of recognizable, fun, and expansive pieces of music that the student can be proud of. Branden looks forward to hitting milestones with his students, and getting to learn personally about his students and their families.

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