Teacher Profile: Billy Jones

Billy Jones

Billy Jones

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Guitar, Piano

City: Atlanta

Education: Atlanta Institute of Music and Media

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    About Billy Jones

    Born and raised in Naples, Florida, Billy's first encounters with music came from an early age interest in video game music and classic rock. He began playing the Guitar in his early teens learning Rock, Grundge, Funk, and Metal repertoire. He joined his middle school's jazz ensemble in 8th grade, continued playing in his high school's jazz ensemble, and then received the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award prior to graduation. He went on to study guitar at The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media (AIMM). After graduating from college, Billy worked for YouTuber "Rick Beato" as his music transcriber, videographer/video editor, and assisted in the idealization and creation of nearly all of his music educational courses/products (The Beato Book Interactive, Beato Ear Training, Quick Lessons Pro, Beato Beginner Guitar).

    Billy also played the French Horn from the 6th grade to all throughout high school attending in the All-County Band and also performing at the Florida Marching Band Championships. He believes first and foremost that music lessons should be fun and something that you enjoy, not something that you dread. His goal is to leave a positive impression on students and to share a passion of music that they too can have for the rest of their lives. Music is something that you can always come back to for comfort. Today, Billy primarily composes music and makes online content for music and the guitar.

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