Teacher Profile: Auriana Fleming

Auriana Fleming

Auriana Fleming

Instrument(s): Piano, Violin, Voice

City: Atlanta

Education: Bob Jones University

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    About Auriana Fleming

    Auriana Fleming is a pianist, violinist, vocalist, and composer from Snellville, Georgia. A lifelong lover of music, Auri got her start early on, picking up the violin at the age of 4. From there, she got involved singing in the choir and then started taking piano lessons shortly thereafter. Auri played piano competitively for 8 years, performed for school events, weddings, and at various recitals. She was also the vice president of her college choir at Bob Jones University, where she studied Piano Pedagogy.

    Auri first started teaching the piano while in high school and discovered it to be one of her biggest passions. Through her competitive experience, Auri has a deep understanding of the discipline needed to excel in music and a strong admiration and respect for the process of learning an instrument. She enjoys connecting with her students each week, meeting them where they are at, and showing them just how much fun music can be. Auri's main goal is to make her students feel comfortable, gain confidence, and develop a love and appreciation for music that will stick with them forever.

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