Teacher Profile: Andrew Hart

Andrew Hart

Andrew Hart

Instrument(s): Guitar

City: Washington, DC

Education: George Mason University; Institute of Contemporary Music Performance

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    About Andrew Hart

    Andrew is a passionate guitarist and educator. He first fell in love with the instrument in high school when his friend taught him how to strum the chords to one of his favorite songs. He knew immediately that this was his calling and he has dedicated his life to music ever since. He believes that a fun and passionate introduction to an instrument can fuel the fire of a lifelong commitment to music and creativity.

    He recently graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London with a degree in Guitar performance. His stylistic interests include: Blues, Funk, R&B, Jazz, and Rock but he also loves learning about new types of music and artists. He also enjoys composing producing and arranging music in his free time. He has performed at various venues around London with numerous singer songwriters and bands. He has recently relocated to his hometown of Washington DC and has continued his passion for music in education.

    Andrew's studio includes students that range from young beginners to retirement age. He incorporates a positive reinforcement philosophy in his teaching while maintaining a structured lesson plan. His goal is to lead his students on a track for success. Because a positive learning environment is so crucial, Andrew places importance on making his student feel welcome and encouraged. Andrew understands that every student is unique, so tailoring every curriculum and foundational techniques to his students ensures they will reach their full potential as a musician. He believes that showing passion, being fun, and sharing our history of music and ourselves builds a strong connection between teachers and students.

    In addition to playing the guitar, Andrew loves traveling and has lived all over the globe including Thailand, Colombia, Israel, New Orleans, Kenya, and Ivory Coast. He loves meeting new people and exploring different cultures through new foods, languages and art.

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