Teacher Profile: Allison Burgess

Allison Burgess

Allison Burgess

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Washington, DC

Education: University of Mary Washington

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    About Allison Burgess

    Allison Burgess is a pianist from the Northern Neck of Virginia. She began playing piano at age eight and continued taking lessons, studying her instrument, and growing as a professional since. During her undergrad years at University of Mary Washington, Allison worked as a church pianist at Mountain View Baptist Church in King George, VA. There, she was able to lead the congregation and choir in praise and worship. For a portion of her time at Mountain View, she was a member of a small band that performed special music for the church. After graduating from Mary Washington, Allison moved to the Fairfax area and started teaching piano lessons with Lessons in Your Home.

    Allison loves to work with students of all ages and hopes to help students find a passion for music. For Allison, playing the piano was a way to express herself and hopes to provide students with the foundations necessary to express themselves musically. She believes that playing the piano, or any instrument, should be a fun and rewarding experience and tries to find new ways to get students excited about learning. Something that Allison loves about teaching is finding out what gets students motivated to learn. It is her goal that students learn and enjoy playing piano so that practicing becomes something they look forward to.

    Allison enjoys playing classical and new-age music on the piano in her free time. She hopes to challenge her students to do their best and to help them find a passion in music that makes them happy. In addition to being a professional musician and pianist, Allison is also an environmental chemist working towards her master's degree. She loves having a musical background that contrasts with her scientific studies. She hopes to inspire students to follow all of their passions, even if they are completely different from one another, and know that music is a life-long pursuit with boundless possibilities.

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