Teacher Profile: Alex Buehler

Alex Buehler

Alex Buehler

Instrument(s): Drums, Guitar

City: Atlanta

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    About Alex Buehler

    Alex started his musical journey at 14 when he joined his high school marching band as a percussionist. He immediately fell in love with drumming and would play for hours every day after school. He also took private drum lessons for 5 years. In his junior year, he took AP Music Theory and started learning how to play the guitar. From there, he became equally as proficient in the guitar after years of studying.

    Upon graduating, Alex quickly formed a band with his longtime friends, called Better Yet, of which he is now the sole lead guitarist. He's performed with them at several venues such as Smith's Olde Bar, The Masquerade, and many others. When he's not gigging out around town, Alex can be found teaching high school marching band students percussion or teaching guitar and drums to students privately. Alex approaches teaching with the mindset of a performer, prioritizing independence and establishing a strong repertoire of songs for his students. He believes the best part of being a musician is sharing the music we play with others.

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