Teacher Profile: Zico Hernandez

Zico Hernandez

Zico Hernandez

Instrument(s): Drums

City: Seattle

Highline Community College; School of Blues in Florida

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About Zico Hernandez

Zico Hernandez has always had a passion for music. He grew up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and began playing drums at 6 years old. Throughout primary school he'd spend much of his time jamming at church and with blues artists at his father's gigs. During his High school career he explored latin music under the wing of Raul Hernandez, and played with a Santana tribute band, whilst learning guitar and singing on his own time.

He moved to Seattle in 2017 looking to expand his repertoire and love for music. In this time he played for a grunge band named Wonderland, while studying under Adrian Young, perfecting his rudiment and wrist work, as well as music theory. He became well known in the Seattle area for his versatile playing and ability to add an experienced dynamic pulled from the various genres he explored. Zico has played with Sorry Dad a queer activist band in Seattle, and also Thrunk! a modern classic rock experimental band.

Zico is now working as a Percussion instructor, while creating his own music, as well as continuing to be a musician to various artists and bands. He believes that music is the embodiment of love and freedom, and hopes that one day he can be a true rockstar.

Highline Community College; School of Blues in Florida

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