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Zak  Sloan

Zak Sloan

Instrument(s): Guitar, Piano

City: Denver


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    About Zak Sloan

    I've always been a musician, it just took me a long time to admit I was an artist. I only made it part way through music school before I left to make sure I had a backup plan. The thing was, the backup plan quickly became my actual trajectory. I became a 4th grade teacher in Aurora, Colorado. I loved it and I loved my students. I then decided it was time to move on and became a lawyer for abused and neglected children.

    I never stopped making music. I played live whenever I could & was a guitarist for hire for several years. Music was the one through-line in my life.

    I opened my own small studio, I produced other artists, & wrote songs with anybody who wanted to collaborate. I had always taught music lessons so I started finding new students to work with. I finished my album, "Nowhere, New Mexico" then started releasing new singles as quickly as I could. I did everything possible to fill my life with music. Slowly, it started to pay off. My single "Porcelain" hit #1 on an indie chart. Indie radio stations started playing my music more & more. I am booking more shows than ever. The response to my music has been invigorating & humbling at the same time.

    After teaching lessons for a few months I remembered why I became a teacher in the 1st place: I love working with people to help them learn something new..something exciting.

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