Teacher Profile: Zachary Tilden

Zachary Tilden

Zachary Tilden

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Guitar, Piano

City: Atlanta

Education: Kennesaw State University

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    About Zachary Tilden

    Zachary Tilden is a singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer based in Atlanta GA. His love of music was first sparked through family road trips and the indie rock CD's that accompanied them. After learning a few chords on guitar he began writing songs immediately, always looking for a new musical idea just over the horizon. Over the years he's found himself more and more looking back to the artists and movements of the past in order to satisfy his curiosity. Later, Zachary turned to recording music and found a new untapped realm to explore.

    His love of the english language lead him to attending University in Augusta and then at Kennesaw State University where he graduated with a Bachelor's in English. Also at KSU he completed a minor with the Joel A. Katz Music and Entertainment Business Program. There he learned the ins and outs of the music industry, and a new depth of understanding in recording technology. Zachary has also been an active street performer or busker.

    Zachary has been self taught nearly his whole professional life. As a new teacher, he's hoping to help his students avoid the various pitfalls and ruts he's found himself in over the years. He's excited to share his enthusiasm for music and have fun too!

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