Teacher Profile: Zachary Chowning

Zachary Chowning

Zachary Chowning

Instrument(s): Piano, Trumpet

City: Orlando


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About Zachary Chowning

Zachary Chowning discovered his love for music at the age of 6. He would follow in his brother's footsteps, as a trumpet player. Zac joined his middle school's band, and quickly exceeded expectations with what was assigned. Throughout middle school and high school, Zac was part of the all-county bands in Central Florida. His senior year he decided to go for state level competition, where he received a superior on one of the highest grades of music one can play.

Starting in 8th grade, Zac began marching Drum & Bugle Corps. He joined Magic of Orlando, then his sophomore year, he marched with The Glassmen. Finishing out his years of his Drum Corps career, he would go on to march lead trumpet with The Cadets Drum & Bugle Corps, where he ended up winning a World Championship with them in 2011.

When Zac turned 18 years old, he began his gigging career. He began performing with Caliente Band for almost 6 years. The band is owned by Gloria Estefan, and they were based in Downtown Disney at Bongos Cuban Cafe. Zac would go on to perform for major conventions, Disney, Universal, Sea World, clubs, hotels, and private events with this band. Now an assistant manager of a band called Nfusion, Zac frequently gigs with Nfusion. He also gigs with a wide variety of musicians and artists. Zac has also played in several musicals over the past 12 years, most recently he played in the musical, Beauty and the Beast.

Zac is an on-call professional trumpet player. He chose to not accept any permanent rolls in the music field, until he has graduated from Rollins College with his Bachelors in Music Education. His future career desired shortly after graduating (in 2019), is to become a High School band director. He is on multiple music scholarships that have helped him get through his schooling. While at Rollins, Zac has had the pleasure to play several times with the Bach Festival Orchestra, as well as their brass band. Not only does he teach and play trumpet, Zac also teaches beginning piano. He often will switch from playing trumpet, to piano, on many of his gigs. He has taken many piano technique classes at Rollins College and UCF.

Zac has taught at many high schools and middle schools as a clinician, as a music tech. He has worked with over 15 schools, spread between Florida and Texas. He has been working with Timber Creek High School for the past 7 years, then left to start a new journey this year with Oviedo High School. Zac is the brass caption head for the marching band at Oviedo and Saint Cloud High School, and will soon serve as clinician/tech for their regular school bands as well.

Although Zac is very committed to his school work and his teaching gigs, you can still see him perform around Central Florida often, on his off time.

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