Teacher Profile: Yannick Joseph

Yannick Joseph

Yannick Joseph

Instrument(s): Clarinet, Oboe, Piano

City: Washington, DC

Education: American University

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    About Yannick Joseph

    Yannick Joseph is a Clarinetist and Private Clarinet, Oboe, and Piano Teacher based in the Washington, D.C. area. He works with students of all ages on all 3 instruments and is an experienced ensemble performer.

    Yannick's musical journey started on Clarinet at the age of 10 with his elementary school band and has been playing in ensembles ever since. He hadn't considered a musical career until his senior year of high school when he picked up a bass clarinet for the first time. Wanting to further develop his skills on bass clarinet after graduating high school, he joined several community ensembles, mostly in the DMV area, but also in southern Maryland, where he's played at many social events as well as formal concerts.

    Yannick received his BA in Music in 2020 from American University, where he participated in band, orchestra, pit orchestra, chamber and new music ensembles, and concerto competitions, taking any opportunity to perform. Since graduation, he has continued working with AU ensembles and has been hired by AU for pit, band, and orchestra. He studied clarinet with Lane Shioji and currently with Chaz Sonoda. He's set to study at Shenandoah University fall 2022 with Garrick Zoeter.

    Yannick's musical horizons were expanded through his study at AU, and that's when he had the opportunity to gain proficiency in his secondary areas of Oboe and Piano. Yannick actually started Oboe in his senior year of high school as part of an ensemble and continued from there. He also performed on this instrument with a community band starting in 2015 and for a few years after. In the realm of Piano, Yannick got his start at AU and studied with Matthew Van Hoose for a year. He took to the instrument quickly and continued his lessons for an additional semester with Van Hoose to broaden his study.

    With all students, Yannick believes in setting strong foundations that develop the whole student from the start. This includes an emphasis on reading and technique development so that playing always feels comfortable and rewarding. He also believes in reaching his students' goals on an individual level and finding what inspires them. He hopes to continue to inspire his students to find what music means to them and develop greater forms of expression.

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