Teacher Profile: William Lee

William Lee

William Lee

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Piano

City: Denver

Education: I have a masters degree in Music Education from Montana State University. I also have a current Colorado Teacher's License.

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    About William Lee

    Bill started piano lessons when he was five years old, beginning a lifetime love of music. Learning to play the piano gave Bill an advantage when he started playing in the school orchestra and singing in the choir. He also developed self-confidence and the realization that "Hey, I'm good at something." Additionally, Bill was totally engaged and happy when he was playing the piano. He still is.

    Bill received a Master's Degree from Montana State University in Education (emphasis in music) and currently is a Licensed Teacher in Colorado. He taught public school in Montana for forty years while also playing in bands and teaching private lessons. Bill has enjoyed success throughout his teaching career starting beginning students and helping them grow into accomplished performers. Many of his students performed in regional and state festivals, achieving Superior ratings. Bill has assisted students successfully audition for college scholarships.

    Bill is a capable private piano teacher with forty years of experience. He has witnessed growth by all of his students and believes every student can learn to play the piano. Bill is happy teaching traditional piano lessons. He also plays "by ear" and can provide instruction learning to chord and play from a lead sheet.

    Bill has utilized music technology in a variety of ways. He has facilitated seminars in music technology for college credit and is always happy to share.

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