Teacher Profile: Tylee Angelle

Tylee Angelle

Tylee Angelle

Instrument(s): Bass, Bass Guitar, Piano, Voice

City: Seattle

The Masters Program; Santa Fe Community College

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    About Tylee Angelle

    Regardless of what was happening in her life, Tylee has always had one constant mission in life: understanding every aspect of music. She received her Associates in General Studies for the Arts with a certificate in Audio Production from the Masters Program offered by her hometown Community College.

    Earning her associates degree by the time she graduated high school, Tylee was driven to participate in music, learn how music works, and how to make it happen. With 10+ years of professional training mixed in with a contemporary understanding of music, Tylee has had the pleasure of being able to receive a robust musical education with emphasis on performance, theory, and musical comprehension. Tylee moved between multiple musical interests in her goal of achieving a robust understand of music, and it was in this journey she picked up Alto Sax, bass guitar, piano, and learning how to be a good vocalist.

    Tylee now knows that learning instruments and their nuances is like getting to know a new person, each with their own quirks and needs. After learning which instruments were her favorite, Tylee would come to fall head over heels for jazz performance of any type. Tylee was fortunate enough to receive professional training by various professors, professional musicians, lifelong teachers, and expert performers throughout her college experience thanks to immersing her life in the pursuit of musical knowledge.

    It was with these skills Tylee was able to learn how digital audio work stations (DAWs) work and how they can be useful tools in music creation and comprehension. Producing and writing music is one of Tylee's largest musical passions, as she views beat making, audio engineering, mixing, and mastering as the craft station of contemporary music as we consume it today as music listeners. The music industry knowledge offered at the Audio Program in the Media Arts center of the Masters Program was enough to land Tylee a year long intensive audio engineering internship at a vocal recording and engineering studio in Shoreline, WA after graduating school.

    Tylee has participated in multiple orchestras, philharmonics, jazz bands, rock bands, and musical acts on the internet, all performing on multiple different instruments. You'll usually find Tylee slapping out some funky bass-lines or playing the chords to a song she's writing on her piano in her home studio. Tylee also surrounds her life with visual art, whether it be fashion or art from her friends on her bedroom wall. She has an obsession for painting, drawing, design, aesthetics, rollerskating, petting dogs, and sticker making, all of which have a truly special part in her heart.

    It is Tylee's belief that an understanding of Music Theory is not essential to the full participation of music. It's held close in her philosophy that in music, anybody and everybody can learn to communicate though their instrument--instruments are simply tools for the expression of our feelings. Tylee stresses that music theory isn't all there is to music comprehension, and everybody learns differently. However, being a massive nerd for all things music related, Tylee is deeply fascinated with the ins and outs of what we call western music theory. In her lessons, Tylee believes that an intuitive tool belt of understanding music theory can be developed in a way that isn't confusing or overly complicated.

    The Masters Program; Santa Fe Community College

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