Teacher Profile: Tobias Gerroll

Tobias Gerroll

Tobias Gerroll

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Clarinet, Drums, Guitar, Music Production, Piano

City: Dallas

Education: New York University

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    About Tobias Gerroll

    From learning piano at the age of 5, Tobias has been deeply engaging in music. Following piano, he learned clarinet at the age of 10, guitar at the age of 12, bass guitar at the age of 14 and music production, recording and engineering at the age of 16. Guitar has become his main instrument and means of self-expression, although something naturally clicked with clarinet. As an adult, he has recorded over 10 albums and has begun to self-teach drums. Having played in multiple auditioned wind ensembles as first clarinet, auditioned jazz ensembles as rhythm guitarist, multiple live rock bands, and a few free improv groups, Tobias has a wide array of stylistic knowledge and experience. He has learned how to play and write music through structured lessons and self-teaching, giving him a thorough understanding of the joys and pitfalls of one's journey through musical expression.

    Throughout his education at New York University in New York City, Tobias has enriched himself in various passions that supplement both his musical journey as well as his general life's goal of finding meaningful understanding and attempting to make positive change. While creating and releasing music has been a huge outlet for this, Tobias also sees lessons as an incredible way to share the joy of music and meaningful connection.

    Other than create and teach music, Tobias' interests include photography, literature, history, horticulture, animals, film, martial arts and astronomy.

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