Teacher Profile: Timothy Horton

Timothy Horton

Timothy Horton

Instrument(s): Guitar, Piano, Voice

City: Denver


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    About Timothy Horton

    Timothy Horton is a musician, model, teacher, and producer. As a multifaceted entrepreneur, he performs and records playing guitar, piano, bass and drums. Having traveled from Florida to California, he has stayed active in exploring and integrating into different communities as an artist.

    As a guitarist, Timothy teaches a variety of versatile skills to apply to most genres such as, alternate picking, chord vocabulary, finger-picking, scales, and theory to apply to real life playing scenarios. In his piano lessons, he teaches beginning theory, scales, key signatures, chord voicing and ear training. With Timothy's influences coming from jazz, classical, Spanish romance, rock, R&B, indie acoustic, and folk, he is often described as having a fusion of styles reflected in his playing.

    Timothy has had a large range of performance in places such as Six Flags, Comcast TV stations, Radio Stations in Florida and Illinois, Weddings, Restaurants, open house mansion tours, churches ( as music leader), and many other public and private events.

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