Teacher Profile: Talia Acebo

Talia  Acebo

Talia Acebo

Instrument(s): Piano, Voice

City: Miami/South Florida

Education: National School of the Arts, Havana Cuba

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    About Talia Acebo

    Talia Acebo is a dedicated musician and artist whose life revolves around music and the arts. She embarked on her musical journey at the age of seven, studying piano at the Olga Alonso School of Arts in Cuba. Throughout her academic years, Talia excelled in various piano contests, earning multiple awards for her performances.

    Upon graduating, Talia garnered recognition as a composer, particularly for her contributions to film music. Collaborating with Alberto Anido, a fellow Cuban painter and musician, she delved into creating performances and multidisciplinary art projects.

    Talia's musical talents extended beyond the piano; she also lent her voice to various musical groups in Varadero Beach, a prominent tourist destination in Cuba, while continuing her classical piano performances.

    However, teaching piano holds a special place in Talia's heart. She is passionate about exploring innovative methodologies to help her students master playing with both hands at an earlier stage than traditional methods. This dedication led her to instruct students of all ages and levels at the Latin Music Institute in Winter Park, Orlando, Florida, where she also offered singing lessons. Witnessing her students' enthusiasm for learning brings Talia immense joy.

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