Teacher Profile: Stephen Meisel

Stephen Meisel

Stephen Meisel

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Voice

City: Atlanta

Education: Cornell University.

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    About Stephen Meisel

    A dedicated bassist with years of experience in ensembles, recording studios, and bands, Stephen Meisel has put his passion for music and the arts into action at multiple levels. He has discovered outlets either through advanced studies of music and poetry at Cornell University, where he graduated from in 2018, and where he played bass guitar in the Cornell Improvisational Music Ensemble as well as local bands, or through his efforts back home in Atlanta, Georgia with alternative rock, Christian worship music, and experimental compositions.

    Using over a decade of training and knowledge in the music world, Stephen has played with maestros and newcomers anywhere from New York to the Dominican Republic, in genres ranging from Bachata to Country. He is most skilled in bass guitar and electric guitar and has accompanied a wide range of instruments and arrangements doing so, and he also has proficiency in piano and music theory.

    Choosing Stephen as your tutor means that you will have someone dedicated to your own personal goals and milestones as opposed to learning by a dull curriculum. You will also have someone whose teaching philosophy is that the learning process must be fun and must give you skills to move forward on your instrument in whatever capacity you wish. Whether it's learning your favorite song or stepping up your chops in solos and ensembles, Stephen's passion is helping people find joy in the wonderful art of music, no matter their past experience.

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