Teacher Profile: Sphie Holman

Sphie Holman

Sphie Holman

Instrument(s): Piano, Voice, Singing

City: Seattle


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    About Sphie Holman

    Sphie offers a fun, relaxed and creative approach to singing, piano and music performance lessons. She believes that education is an individualized process and thrives on growing healthy minds through compassionate and interactive learning.

    Sphie started her music education at the age of seven. Trained from an early age in classical opera, musical theater and piano, she had a thriving curiosity in improvisation, songwriting and pop performance. She did not have an education base to nurture her improvisational and performance needs and, therefore, began to nurture this independently. Because of this, she enjoys offering a multi-genre experience in addition to traditional theory, technique and performance to accommodate individuality and creativity within each student.

    Sphie received an A.A.S. in Vocal Performance from (formerly) McNally-Smith College of Music. It was here that she studied recording arts, songwriting and pop stage performance and artistry. She also further developed her understanding of music business and performance. As a recording and music artist, she intertwines elements of the professional business realm of music in addition to the above.

    In addition to private vocal, piano and performance lessons, Sphie generates curriculum for inner-city music programs. It is her goal to enhance and enrich creativity within young minds and to nurture compassionate creativity within those young and old. She facilitates workshops teaching other teachers how to restore and invigorate creativity and passion within the classroom.

    Compassionate creativity can transform the collective. Sphie looks forward to helping you transform you and/or your child's life through music.

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