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Solomon Delconte

Solomon Delconte

Instrument(s): Guitar

City: Atlanta


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About Solomon Delconte

Solomon was born in New Mexico on March 3rd of 1992. Since as long as he can remember, music has always been something he has felt, not just listened to. His parents had a very interesting taste in music, so what he was exposed to as a kid was very different. He always knew he had a voice in music, but he never quite knew what exactly it was that he wanted to do with it. He tried singing, he tried piano, but nothing quite felt right until he got a guitar for his 16th birthday. He fell in love, and he played it constantly. At the time, he was living in a small town in North Georgia, and had met a few other people who played, so they got together and started learning covers and writing music together. Eventually they started playing at small parties and get togethers, but it never escalated and he found himself wanting more. He started trying to teach himself music theory by learning it on the internet, but failed because the information wasn't presented in any sort of organized manner.

He learned about the Atlanta Institute of Music through a band he went and saw, and from that moment forward his heart was set on it. He got accepted in March of '11 and it was the greatest decision he ever made. He learned how music is not just letters, numbers, and time signatures, but that it is a language.

Solomon graduated in March '12 with honors. It makes him utterly joyous to instill musical knowledge within others in hopes that they, one day, too, will try to learn, create, and excel in their own manner."

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