Teacher Profile: Simon Dorfman

Simon Dorfman

Simon Dorfman

Instrument(s): Drums, Percussion

City: Seattle

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    About Simon Dorfman

    Simon Dorfman has a passion for teaching Drum Lessons. Simon says's Music is infinite and we will always be able to learn something new from it! Originally Simon is from Las Cruces New Mexico. Simon's first music teachers were his parents. They both were professional musicians playing live in orchestras and symphonies for many years. They taught Simon how to play the piano as well as understanding music theory and song writing at the early age of four. Growing up in a highly encouraged artistic musical environment Simon started performing live shows and concerts.

    Simon's future education included concert band, marching band, tribal drumming, and taking private drum lessons for the styles of Latin, and jazz from pro drummers. Simon studied and played many other instruments as well such as the guitar, bass guitar, piano, trumpet, French horn, voice/singing, steel drums, various percussive instruments, xylophone, and the drums. Simon's career as a drummer, performer, and musician over the past twenty years has been a very rewarding experience.

    Simon as a drum teacher, enjoys teaching the styles of Latin, jazz, classical, rock, metal, marching, and tribal drumming, music theory, reading and writing music. Simon's teaching is always fun, creative, and educational. Simon's favorite genres of drumming are Latin, metal, and jazz. Currently Simon performs with two bands in the northwest, and plays/ records session material as well. Simon proudly endorses Axis Percussion and has previously been endorsed with Medicine Man Drums. Learning and creating music through drumming has been one of the greatest things in Simon's life. Drums inspire the heart beat of life and support all other musical instruments. Simon looks forward teaching and working with all current and future students. Let'ss play some drums YEA!!!!

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