Teacher Profile: Shane Panagakos

Shane Panagakos

Shane Panagakos

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele

City: Washington, DC

Education: Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

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    About Shane Panagakos

    Shane Panagakos is a D.C. area based Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Bass, and Theory instructor. He grew up in Pennsylvania and graduated from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, specializing in Classical Guitar Performance.

    Starting with Guitar at the age of 11, Shane took private lessons throughout childhood. His most notable instructors are Mr. Piazza and Mr. Hunter who set out strong foundations and a passion for music. Throughout his initial lessons, Shane cultivated his personal musical interests and notes a wide-range of influences -- everything from Debussy and Bach to Metallica and Queensryche.

    Shane's early interests in music naturally led him to audition for Bloomsburg University, and his time there with the music school was a significant experience in sharpening his skills and revealing his natural teaching ability. The teachers who made the biggest impact in Shane's development at Bloomsburg were Dr. Slotkin, his Guitar Professor, and Dr. Schmidt, his Theory Professor. As part of his coursework and natural curiosity, Shane completed his Piano proficiency and added Ukulele and Bass Guitar to his repertoire. He's found Piano to be a crucial tool in furthering his interest in the Music Theory realm, as well as composition.

    In 2016, Shane started tutoring fellow classmates in the areas of Music Theory, Aural Training, Composition, and Practical Performance. As a diligent student, theory was a favorite subject for Shane, and he excelled in the areas of part-writing and harmony. From that initial tutoring experience, Shane's teaching journey began, and it's been a great joy for him to help both fellow classmates and private students of all ages make musical strides ever since.

    As an instructor, Shane specializes in Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Bass Guitar, and Music Theory. With all students -- no matter the instrument -- he places a lot of importance on proper technique development and understanding the language of music. Introducing note reading from the start and building fluency in this area is essential to continued success on any instrument, and it's also a universal language. He believes that with music literacy and good form, students have the best experience with their study. He also believes in making music fun for students of all ages, whether they are young beginners, or adults relearning their instrument after many years. Wherever his students are in their study, Shane's goal is to give his students a tool for expressing their emotions and an outlet for creative expression.

    In his free time, Shane enjoys drawing, anime, and discovering and performing new music! He is also an accomplished Coder and Computer Programmer.

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