Teacher Profile: Sara Kraft

Sara Kraft

Sara Kraft

Instrument(s): Bass, Bass Guitar, Little Music Makers, Singing, Violin, Voice

City: Seattle

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    About Sara Kraft

    Sara has been making music as long as she can remember. Song being woven into her earliest memories, she believes that music is as natural to humans as breathing and that the ability to create, understand, and share music can be a powerful skill. She teaches violin, double bass, electric bass, and singing so that she might share the benefits of musical education. She hopes to enrich the lives of her students and help them find themselves in music.

    Sara first began taking private piano lessons in early elementary school. In 4th grade she had the opportunity to play flute in the school band. In 6th grade she began singing with the Seattle Children’s Choir and playing violin in her school orchestra. Soon after, starting private lessons for violin. She attended Burton Music camp where she discovered the transferable nature of her musical knowledge. In Middle school, the Endangered Instruments program came around to entice students to try upright bass. It worked! Sara took up bass and began private lessons, later joining the Seattle Youth Symphony and attending Hammond Ashley Bass camp. Sara continued to sing and tour with the Seattle Children’s Choir through high-school. She joined her schools jazz band, trying out a variety of instruments and ultimately adding the electric bass to her repertoire. Professionally, she has worked in healthcare, visual arts, and teaching music and movement. She has experience working with adults and children, even infants, who she had the opportunity to teach rhythm and movement. 

    It is Sara’s firm belief that the knowledge and skills that she gained through her musical education have benefited her far beyond the realm of the arts. Not only has music been a door to opportunities she would have never otherwise had. It serves as a form of self-expression, an emotional outlet, an opportunity to be challenged, to excel, and to connect with others. By employing musical theory as well as ear training in her lessons along side practical exercises, Sara hopes to provide a solid basis for the musical endeavors of her students that will allow them to carry music with them as a lifelong endeavor. It is her belief that teaching is about meeting your student where they are at, while giving them the tools they need to learn and providing guidance on their journey. By allowing student to take ownership of their education they can find and develop their internal drive and learn to master themselves to accomplish whatever it may be that they want present and future. 

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