Teacher Profile: Ryan Glover

Ryan Glover

Ryan Glover

Instrument(s): Brass, Euphonium, French Horn, Music Theory, Piano, Trumpet, Tuba, mellophone

City: Orlando

Education: University of Central Florida

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    About Ryan Glover

    Ryan Glover is a Florida-based musician and teacher raised in South Florida. Ryan started learning piano in elementary school before switching to the trumpet in middle and high school. Since elementary school, Ryan has played in various ensembles including chorus, concert, jazz, brass, and marching bands.

    Ryan continued his education in music at the University of Central Florida, where he studied under John Almeida and graduated with a Bachelor’s in music. At UCF, Ryan performed in concert bands, jazz bands, marching bands, and pep bands while also teaching on the side. Ryan performed with Reclaim Brass Band as a lead trumpet player on tour through Florida, performing in Jacksonville, Dunedin, Gainesville, Boynton Beach, and Lake Worth.

    Ryan has been teaching instrumental music since 2011 to a wide range of groups and ages. While working for the Rockledge Raider Regiment, Ryan taught piano, trumpet, baritone, tuba, euphonium, and mellophone. Currently, Ryan teaches Trumpet and English as a second language online throughout the world on multiple platforms. Ryan wants every student to feel comfortable in the space where they are learning so that they can communicate in a way that facilitates learning and growth. Ryan interacts with his students in a way that influences engagement, creativity, and fun throughout every lesson.

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