Teacher Profile: Ross Robinette

Ross Robinette

Ross Robinette

Instrument(s): Piano, Trumpet

City: Atlanta

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    About Ross Robinette

    Ross Robinette has a diverse musical background as both a musician, producer, and audio engineer. Starting off playing trumpet, Ross found a love for Jazz, Fusion, Funk, and Soul. He played in bands throughout the SouthEast, and toured Italy and Scandinavia in a big band. Years later, he found a love for piano, and music production. Ross attended Appalachian State University, earning a degree in Music Industry Studies, with a focus in music business and Jazz performance. He's played trumpet for 15 years, piano for six, and production/audio engineering for four. After leaving North Carolina, Ross starting working as an audio engineer at 11th St Studios and freelance producer. He's able to use this diverse since of knowledge from all sides of the music to teach from a unique viewpoint, and different approaches to music. This includes being able to teach students musical techniques, composition/production (both live and digital), theory (Classical and Jazz), as well as the history of mainstream genres.

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