Teacher Profile: Quinn Davis

Quinn Davis

Quinn Davis

Instrument(s): Piano, Singing, Voice

City: Atlanta


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    About Quinn Davis

    Quinn Davis is a native Georgian. Her life in music began at nine years
    old when her mother enrolled her in piano lessons. Her interest in
    classical music and church musicianship grew over the years and
    developed through attending seminars and workshops geared toward
    both classical and sacred music with instruction from Marilynn Ham,
    Mary McDonald, and Joseph Martin giving Quinn a real passion for
    sacred musicianship.

    Quinn is a regular pianist at the annual Georgia Home Education
    Association’s (GHEA) conference. She has accompanied several choirs,
    ensembles and soloists, as well as various instrumental groups. She
    accompanies on a regular basis at her church after taking a course in
    church accompaniment for pianists. She has accompanied groups for
    competitions, recitals and weddings.

    While Quinn enjoys many different aspects of being a pianist, her
    greatest joy is found in teaching. She loves to see when a struggling
    student gets it after some pretty hard work! She has worked with
    students from beginners to early advanced students. She has worked
    with young children, and works well with them. She enjoys watching
    students develop their own style and find what role music will play in
    their lives. Her teaching style is classical with a lot of focus on
    technique and theory, as well as the history of the piano and the lives
    and visions of the composers. She believes that the piano is an
    instrument that a person of young or old age can learn and enjoy!

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