Teacher Profile: Nicholas Wong

Nicholas Wong

Nicholas Wong

Instrument(s): Organ, Piano

City: Seattle

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    About Nicholas Wong

    Nicholas Wong (Nick) was born into a musical family; his mother was a Chinese opera singer in Hong Kong. When he was around 6 years old, his family moved a piano into the home and his older sister started learning to play it; This type of music was completely new to him, and he was immediately drawn to it. He started to read about western music history, equipped with an English dictionary at his side. At the same time, he tried to teach himself piano. In middle school, he had a choir teacher who encouraged him with his music studies and taught him lessons privately. He became the choir accompanist until he graduated from high school.

    After high school graduation, he decided to pursue more advanced lessons. Finding a professional piano teacher in Hong Kong was not an easy feat, but he persevered and eventually he met a teacher who has become a lifelong mentor. This teacher was a professor at a university and is an alumnus of the Eastman School of Music. Under her guidance, Nick completed a piano performance diploma (ATCL) at Trinity College London under his professor’s guidance.

    Nick was a high school teacher and also part-time piano teacher in Hong Kong. He accompanied his students to choir concert and instrumental duet for the celebration of the school anniversary. In 2004, he moved to the US and learned to play the pipe organ in church while he was pursuing his master’s degree in engineering. He was excited as he learned to play a new keyboard instrument as it opened up a huge genre of music that was new to him. Since then, he has been a church organist and pianist for many different churches in the US and Hong Kong.

    Nick enjoys teaching music and guiding people to explore their music world. He has found music is not only functional, but also helps personal growth and psychological well-being. He began his musical journey in the classical realm but has since expanded his horizons. He admires performers and composers who truly enjoy and share their music, no matter whether it is “Heart & Soul”, “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” or “We will Rock You”. Being able to see his students enjoy their own musical expression is his greatest joy.

    Nick has lived in Seattle for 8 years and has witnessed first-hand the benefits of having a Performing Arts curriculum in the local schools. His daughter plays guitar and sings in jazz choir, and his son plays piano, saxophone and bassoon. He believes music teachers are facilitators who help students understand music and use it to enrich their personal wellness. He is proud to raise a musical family with his wife and he is excited to be LIYH’s team, reach out and give back to the community as a music educator.

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