Teacher Profile: Nathalie Rose

Nathalie Rose

Nathalie Rose

Instrument(s): Piano, Violin

City: Atlanta

Education: Temple University | University of Alabama School of Law

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    About Nathalie Rose

    As a violinist, bass guitarist, pianist and singer/songwriter, Nathalie has dedicated her life to music. Nathalie started playing violin at the age of three. Shortly thereafter, Nathalie began accepting invitations to perform at local churches and with symphony orchestras. As Nathalie's talent grew, she traveled across the United States and to Europe to perform in world renowned venues including Boston Symphony Hall and Tanglewood. While Nathalie has played at numerous prestigious venues, she still enjoys playing at assisted living facilities, hospitals, churches and even the local juke joint.

    While in college at Temple University, Nathalie continued to study and teach violin throughout the city of Philadelphia. She started a violin club at her local church and enrolled several students in the community from ages 3- 30. As a teacher in the community, Nathalie worked hard to help students develop their love of music and to provide students with the skills necessary to achieve great things. Perhaps most notable of her time in Philadelphia, Nathalie performed alongside musical giant Gerald Veasley. An extremely well-rounded individual, Nathalie later attained her Law Degree from the University of Alabama as well.

    As Nathalie's musicianship continued to grow, she learned to play the bass guitar, guitar and the piano. Eager to share her love of music with the world, Nathalie started accepting invitations to perform as a bass guitarist. Nathalie has studied under world-renowned greats such as Parker McCallister (bass), Justin Raines (bass) and Jubu Smith (guitar) to name a few. Nathalie has also studied music theory and composition. As such, Nathalie insists that her students create original works so that they can play and understand music in their own unique way. Nathalie loves teaching and she believes in the power of music to expand the mind and the heart. To that end, Nathalie employs a variety of techniques that caters to each students unique needs.

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