Teacher Profile: Natalya Koyenova

Natalya Koyenova

Natalya Koyenova

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Miami/South Florida


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About Natalya Koyenova

I was born in Russia in musical family. I started to play piano, when I was three by ear, and went to music school at age of seven. At age of seventeen, I was awarded with a first place of winning the competition between local schools within my region area.

I have Bachelor's degree in music and finished Russian Conservatory. In short, I participated in a lot of different solo concerts and chamber music (duets, trios, etc.). Later my family and me moved to New York, and I had a very successful career with my private students (class of 18 people). Now I live in Florida and looking forward to have a great opportunity with new students, and to share my musical skills and knowledge.

I use traditional method in my teaching. I teach piano all ages. My classes are fun and educational. I'm very friendly and patient. I introduce music theory and music history in my class, besides teaching piano, because it's very important to know where music is coming from in order to appreciate and understanding music better. In my teachings, I mainly focus on musical phrasing, techniques, analyzing the depth of music and meanings of composer's thoughts and images. I select very interesting musical pieces for my students (classical, modern, etc.) I make sure my students have at least two recitals every year.

I strongly believe that music is a key to a human's heart. Music teaches us how to be patient and develops our inner world of imaginations!

I enjoy seeing how people succeed in musical knowledge, and enjoy when I see the results of my productive work that I provide!

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