Teacher Profile: Mitch Neubauer

Mitch Neubauer

Mitch Neubauer

Instrument(s): Guitar

City: Atlanta

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    About Mitch Neubauer

    Mitch Neubauer was born and raised in the rural Midwestern town of Waseca, Minnesota. Originally given a banjo at the age of 6, he quickly shifted gears to guitar when the search for a local banjo teacher yielded no results. A performer from the age of 6, Mitch received an associate’s degree in Jazz performance at McNally School of Music in Minneapolis, moving to Tennessee shortly after to begin work on his Bachelors of Music in classical performance at Middle Tennessee State University. Throughout his lifelong journey as a performer, Mitch has also spent more than half of his life establishing himself as a well respected teacher ... What had started at age 14 teaching a neighbor as a favor, quickly became a passion for teaching; finding out each unique student’s strength in learning, and catering each lesson accordingly. Currently Mitch teaches a wide variety of students, ranging from each end of the spectrum in age and skill. His extensive experience and skill set has allowed him to work exclusively as a professional musician in Atlanta, where he currently can be found performing with his band Bohemian Grove.

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