Teacher Profile: Michael Mendez

Michael Mendez

Michael Mendez

Instrument(s): Guitar, Voice

City: Atlanta

Education: Middle Georgia State University

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    About Michael Mendez

    Michael Mendez has been a performance artist for almost 20 years. Originally from New York, Michael taught himself to play the guitar when he was 16, and had a natural talent for singing since he can remember. From Led-Zeppelin to John Mayer, Chicago to Jack Johnson, Michael has a wide breadth of musical influences. He's performed in musicals through high school, competed in NYSMA vocal competitions in New York; earning the award for best male solo lead in his Sophomore year in high school, and harmonizes with two female opera singers in an acoustic trio band.

    Michael has owned and operated his own business in live sound reinforcement and studio recording right out of high school from 2003 to 2007. Now, Michael has lived in Atlanta for about 10 years, where he performs 3-4 times a week as a solo singer-songwriter as well as with his other two acoustic trio bands. Michael teaches guitar and songwriting - whether as a long lasting hobby, or with the intent to one day be a professional, his number one goal is to encourage his students fall in love with music and their instrument.

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