Teacher Profile: Michael Medrano

Michael Medrano

Michael Medrano

Instrument(s): Drums, Music Production, Piano, Ukulele

City: Denver

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    About Michael Medrano

    To teach and create an experience that builds passion and character, is one of the many core principles Michael Medrano strives to uphold when dealing with any musical circumstance. To create something timeless through patience, understanding and repetition has always been Michael's philosophy. Michael believes that through patience, repetition and understanding, the student can begin to achieve an authentic nurtured structure for the fundamentals of music. The passion for music starts with the appreciation, the music itself and the question of how it is done.

    Michael, a versatile musician, has been practicing, producing, performing, and teaching music for 10+ years.

    Earlier years included being apart of the University of New Mexico marching band and concert ensemble. In addition, Michael has also performed with various music groups and artists. Currently, Michael produces and performs as well as teaches the fundamentals of music and sound engineering.

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