Teacher Profile: Melody McQuitty

Melody McQuitty

Melody McQuitty

Instrument(s): Music In Your School Specialist, Piano

City: Denver


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About Melody McQuitty

Melody McQuitty comes to Colorado from Orange County California. Growing up in Orange County, Melody was exposed to a wide variety of musical styles. She did her first solo at age 4, and just kept right on developing that love of music, encouraged greatly by her parents.

Melody went on to sing at Azusa Pacific University in the University Choir, and had the privilege of recording an album in London accompanied by the London Symphony Orchestra. She has had many musical opportunities over the years, and has traveled to many states singing with different musical groups. Melody did receive her Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education with a minor in music. Those degrees have been instrumental in helping to develop her love of teaching, and in turn, teaching music. Melody started piano lessons at the age of 7, with Paul Ross, a teacher well known in southern California.

Melody truly believes music is a great gift, and is beneficial in so many ways. Music holds something for almost everyone, and she is enthusiastic about conveying that message to her students.

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