Teacher Profile: Mason Puckett

Mason Puckett

Mason Puckett

Instrument(s): Drums

City: Denver

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    About Mason Puckett

    Born in Portland, Oregon, Mason Puckett was raised on a wide variety of music ranging from The Beastie Boys to Squeeze to a mixture 80s hair metal bands. At an early age, he was already banging on pots and pans with a sense of rhythm. By 2006, he was heavily influenced by Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chili Peppers and began seriously drumming after his parents gave him a toy drum set for Christmas. A lover of rock and roll, funk, metal, R&B, and rap, Mason presents a palette consisting of heavy rhythmic grooves and a pulsating funky backbeat.

    His love for the drums has allowed for a wide array or playing opportunities and experiences; ranging from marching band, jazz band, pit orchestra, contemporary & gigging bands, studio work, and much more! He currently plays in a rock band based out of Denver and is eager as ever to get new drummers started.

    Some of his skills include:

    -Familiarity & specialization in American rock drumming

    -Knowledge & experience in teaching and developing student-specific curriculum

    -Patience and proactivity

    -Understanding of how the human body relates to playing the instrument

    -Over 18 years experience playing drums

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