Teacher Profile: Mark Allison

Mark Allison

Mark Allison

Instrument(s): Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Voice

City: Miami/South Florida

Education: Associate in Voice and Guitar - UMESP - ULM (Sao Paulo, SP - Brazil)

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    About Mark Allison

    I am a seasoned, reliable, punctual, creative, dynamic, and patient Music Tutor.

    Actually, for more than two decades, I've been teaching Piano, Voice, Guitar, Songwriting, and Theory for kids, teenagers, and adults.

    Along with teaching my beloved private students, I've been blessed to work for some of the best music schools in the US, including Lessons In Your Home, School of Dance and Music, California Music Studios, and Grade Potential Tutoring.

    My experiences include one-on-one tutoring and coaching, organizing rehearsals, recordings and daily activities, and of course, keeping students engaged, organized, and HAPPY! ;)

    My main goal is to instill and develop a sense of music appreciation, while at the same time teaching and coaching students about the technical aspects of music, as well as theory and performance.

    I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and have also lived in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and MIAMI, where I currently reside. I studied at the ULM/EMESP Music School, and besides English, I speak Portuguese, and have good notions of Spanish.

    In fact, I'm not only a passionate music teacher, but also a full-fledged singer, musician, songwriter, and producer.

    I have five albums released. Furthermore, I wrote for some noted music publications, such as Acoustic Magazine, and signed up with important publishers, including Warner Music.

    So, please, feel free to get in contact. I'd be delighted to share my musical knowledge and passion with your kids, family members, friends, or maybe with you! Thanks!

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