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Mario Alas

Mario Alas

Instrument(s): Guitar

City: Washington, DC


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About Mario Alas

Mario Alas is a Guitar Instructor with Lessons in your Home. He was born and raised in our Nation's capital, Washington DC , and he currently resides in the District after returning from his studies at the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore. He first picked up the guitar at the age of 10, and still has not put it down! Mario's passion for music has shaped his life and has afforded him many amazing opportunities both in his personal study and in working with his students.

For the first 4 years of his musical journey, Mario was primarily self taught with limited lessons, but that all changed when Mario was fortunate enough to be accepted to the Duke Ellington School of The Arts. There, he received intensive formal training, as well as tutelage from well accomplished music educators, composers, band directors, and specifically, performers Davey Yarborough and Isaac Daniel. In addition to the standard guitar curriculum, Mario also studied advanced music theory under renowned educator Dr. Janet Peachy. At the Duke Ellington School, Mario had the advantage of being in an environment where professional grade performance, study, and conduct were the expectation, not the exception for students enrolled. He credits his time there as being the gateway to further opportunities and was able to become a professional musician at an early age because of the high-level tutelage he received during his teenage years.

Mario began performing and teaching professionally during his his sophomore year in high school, working with students of various ages. At Ellington, his passion for music grew to new heights as his guitar instructor gave him the great advice to "treat every song you play like it's your favorite". Taking this to heart Mario has a deep love and proficiency for jazz, blues, Latin, rock, mo-town, classical, funk, country pop and hip hop music. This experience not only allowed him to get accepted into many of the nations finest music schools it prepared him for the atmosphere of being a professional musician.

After graduating from Ellington in 2014 Mario was able to study jazz under renowned Richmond Guitarist Mike Ess and Pittsburgh based legendary drummer Tony Martucci at VCU Arts in Richmond. Wanting to set up base closer to the DC area, Mario relocated to the Peabody Conservatory In Baltimore to study under World renowned Jazz Guitarist Paul Bollenback, legendary jazz bassist Mike Formansk and world renowned composer, saxophonist and band leader Gary Thomas.

The 4 year struggle of being a self taught musician is something that sticks with Mario to this day. His passion for teaching stemmed from his willingness to share all the information he wished he'd know when starting out that could have given him more time to hone his craft at an earlier age. His core belief is in starting correctly from "zero" to avoid perfecting bad habits that can hinder progress along the way. After years of teaching students aged 4-64, he wants his students to know that he's here to guide them in the direction they want to go. He teaches students from beginners to advanced, including students preparing for auditions (performance, college, and high school).

Mario has a strong drive to give back to music through teaching. He feels that music gave him a true universal outlet for communication, as the guitar is an extension of who he is and his internal thoughts being painted through sound for the audience. He performs regularly in the DC area and does session work along with teaching. He offers full support to his students, because at heart, he is the teacher, guide, and partner in their musical journey with a common goal. He wants to be the type of teacher that would make a difference in his study when he was 10 years old and strives to keep a fresh and dynamic methodology.

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