Teacher Profile: Mari-Liis Uibo

Mari-Liis Uibo

Mari-Liis Uibo

Instrument(s): Cello, Piano, Viola, Violin

City: Washington, DC


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    About Mari-Liis Uibo

    Mari-Liis Uibo started playing violin at the age of six with Dots Ivi Tivik at the Tallinn Music High School in Estonia. At the age of 15 she moved to Austria, Vienna, where she completed the Bachelor of Music program at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna. She was in the violin-class of Professor Gerhard Schulz (Alban-Berg-Quartet). In 2012, Mari-Liis continued her education in the Artist Diploma program with Professor Milan Vitek at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music. She earned the distinguished Artist Diploma, Summa cum Laude, in May 2014.

    As a secondary instrument, Mari-Liis also studied piano throughout her childhood and musical education in Tallinn, Estonia and Vienna, Austria. Also, she expanded her horizons in the strings field by learning the viola (solo, chamber and orchestral music) and played e-violin in various groups and bands. Given her strong multi-instrumental background and extensive education in orchestral strings, she also teaches beginner cello.

    Mari-Liis has successfully participated in several national and international competitions. She was a prize-winner at the 1st World Violin Competition in Trento/Italy, awarded diplomas at several ESTA Competitions for Estonian Young String Players, and was a winner of Danenberg Honors Recital in chamber music and the soloist category. Mari-Liis was also finalist in the 25th Flame Competition in Paris.

    As a soloist, Mari-Liis has given performances in Scandinavia, Holland, Italy, France, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Malta, Iran, China, Turkey, Russia, Canada, USA, and has played as a soloist with orchestras like Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Tver Philharmony chamber orchestra Russkaya Kamerata, the Moscow Virtuoses, and Sinfonietta Riga. Throughout her impressive career, she has had the great opportunity to work with with well-known conductors like Paavo Järvi, Vladimir Spivakov, Darrell Ang, Andrey Kruzhkov, Andres Mustonen, Paul Mägi, Naoki Sugiyama, Timothy Weiss and Raphael Jiménez.

    Mari-Liis is a scholarship recipient of the Vladimir Spivakov International Charity Foundation. In December 2007 her first CD „Bernsteinstraße" (live concert-performance with Estonian music) together with organist Ulla Krigul was released in Vienna.

    As an educator, Mari-Liis finds great joy through her teaching and has a wealth of experience in working with students in a variety of age ranges and locations (throughout Europe and the USA). As a violinist, who has gone through and experienced a lot of different teaching styles and violin / music schools herself, Mari-Liis has the capacity to treat every single student with the utmost individuality--finding the best teaching techniques that bring out the best in every person. Her vibrant life as a musician started with Russian school for 9 years, continued with classical and refined German/Austrian school, and ended in the USA with Prof. Milan Vitek, which was an experience that added individuality, musical freedom, and risk taking to her unique playing style.

    For Mari-Liis, the best part about being a teacher is the ability for her and students to learn a lot from each other through varied experiences, contexts, and phases in life. She firmly believes that every student she has taught throughout the years has made her the person and musician she is today!

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