Teacher Profile: Lisandra Guevara

Lisandra Guevara

Lisandra Guevara

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Miami/South Florida


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About Lisandra Guevara

Lisandra Guevara was born in Havana, Cuba and has studied and performed in Cuba, Angola, and the United States.

Instruments: Piano, Oboe, and Flute


She started her music studies in piano at the age of seven, at the Alejandro Garcia Caturla Conservatory in Havana. Since the beginning, she demonstrated charisma, persistence and a strong interest in performing. At age of eight she started giving public performances on highly important stages in Havana such as Amadeo Roldan and the Grand Theater of Havana. She participated in several national contests: She won first place in the Festival of Studies and the Grand Prize in the contest for Investigation of Baroque Music. In her sixth year of piano specialization, she started a second specialization in oboe. She formed part of the Infant Symphonic Orchestra and the Music Band of the conservatory.

From an early age, Lisandra showed strong interest in pedagogy and teaching. She always had the support of her parents who were both doctors. She founded a special project where volunteers from the conservatory would visit the children in the capital's pediatric hospital and perform. The program was meant to serve as music therapy, aiming both emotionally and physically.
She graduated from Elementary level music in 2003. She continued her studies in the Amadeo Roldan music conservatory in Havana, where she double majored in oboe and piano. She was a part of the Juvenile symphonic orchestra and the music band at the conservatory.

She began her professional internships in different elementary schools in Havana. At the age of 18 she graduated from a music high school, known in Cuba as Middle level of Music. She began giving lessons at the Guillermo Thomas conservatory and then the Alejandro Garcia Caturla conservatory. She also worked with the National music band of Cuba. She also worked with the Orchestra of Radio and Television of Cuba.
In 2007 she continued her studies by enrolling in the University of Arts of Cuba and specialized in oboe. She obtained a bachelor's degree in music.


In 2013 she had the amazing opportunity to travel to Angola to work on a project of music formation. The project aimed to provide music education to those that were poor in the country and to children who were orphans. She then began giving oboe, flute, piano lessons, choir, and musical initiation (classes aimed to introduce younger children to music). She worked at the School for the Blind and weak-sighted in Luanda.

United States:

In 2016 she moved to the U.S and began volunteering as a music teacher at the Arc of South Florida. She shows strong interest in music therapy given to children with different disabilities. She also took courses in Child growth and development, health, safety, and nutrition, and identifying and reporting child abuse and neglect.

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