Teacher Profile: Levi Larson

Levi Larson

Levi Larson

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Seattle

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    About Levi Larson

    Dr. Levi Larson is passionate about the multifaceted world in which music lives. Studying music is so much more than practicing for hours on end. It is about building character, self-discovery and creating a unique voice and expressive outlet. Dr. Larson feels that it is his privilege as a teacher to share his study of music and inspire creativity

    in his students.

    Although Dr. Larson is classically trained he values both the classical and popular genresof music and encourages his students to study wide varieties of pieces. He received his doctorate in piano performance from the University of Nebraska, a Masters from the University of Kansas, and his Bachelors from the University of Idaho. Dr. Larson studied primarily with Dr. Mark Clinton at the University of Nebraska and Dr. Steven Spooner at The University of Kansas and the University of Idaho. He has also been fortunate enough to have lessons with teachers such as Aldo Ciccolini, Dr. John Perry,and Dr. Ian Hobson.

    Dr. Larson is an active performer and enjoys both the large concert stage as well as the small church sanctuary or retirement home. The concerts that Dr. Larson performs incorporate a mix of jazz standards, works from the classical repertoire, and purely spontaneous improvisations. Dr. Larson also enjoys communicating with his audiences interesting historical and musical elements about his program.

    When Dr. Larson is not practicing or teaching he is enjoying hiking, running, yoga, reading books, and cooking.

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