Teacher Profile: Laura Kim-Ortiz

Laura Kim-Ortiz

Laura Kim-Ortiz

Instrument(s): Piano, Voice

City: Washington, DC

Education: Associate's Degree in Music; Bachelor's Degree in Music Technology

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    About Laura Kim-Ortiz

    Instructor Laura Kim is a Washington, D.C. area based Piano and Music Production instructor. With a strong foundation in her own musical journey that began during her elementary years, Laura's passion for music blossomed as she delved into various musical instruments. Starting with the flute in elementary school, she soon expanded her repertoire by diving into piano study during her freshman year of high school.

    Driven by her love for music, Laura pursued her music education during college, earning an Associate's Degree in Music. Through her studies, she deepened her understanding of music theory and composition, especially. Laura then went on to earn her Bachelor's Degree in Music Technology, where she honed her production skills and became proficient with a range of musical software including Reason, Logic Pro, GarageBand, FL Studio, and Pro Tools.

    Throughout her 20-year journey as a student, Laura had the privilege of being mentored by highly successful and talented teachers. These experiences underscored the importance of a great mentor in facilitating dynamic and effective learning.

    Passionate about sharing the beauty of sound, Laura is eager to provide her students with a comfortable and personalized learning experience. She understands that learning music can be challenging, yet she is dedicated to helping her students succeed by exercising patience and adapting to their individual needs.

    Laura recognizes that music is not only about technique and theory but also about enjoyment and self-expression. She strives to make her lessons both informative and engaging, ensuring her students have an immersive experience creating beautiful music across various musical keys.

    Laura's own journey in music began during her high school years, where she acquired a strong foundation in piano playing under the guidance of a strict classical teacher. This teacher imparted lessons on rhythm, notation, and speed, enabling Laura to develop a well-rounded skill set.

    Drawing inspiration from her love for music, Laura consciously incorporated contemporary pop songs into her repertoire alongside classical pieces. This fusion allowed her to nurture her passion for composition and sound.

    Laura's decision to pursue a career in music was influenced by her older brother, who was a member of a Ska Punk band in her native Colombia. Experiencing the band's live performances and recording sessions at a young age ignited Laura's interest in music production. Moreover, her father's exceptional talent as a singer, guitarist, and pianist, combined with his deep appreciation for salsa music, instilled in Laura an understanding of the profound emotional impact that music can have.

    Through her vast knowledge, exceptional teaching skills, and commitment to fostering a love for music, Laura Kim is dedicated to guiding her students in their musical journeys.

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