Teacher Profile: Laneise Collier

Laneise Collier

Laneise Collier

Instrument(s): Flute, Piano

City: Atlanta

Education: Saginaw Valley State University - BA Music Performance

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    About Laneise Collier

    As a very young girl Laneise used to stand around various leaders at

    church as they played the piano or organ and just watch in amazement.

    This led her parents to believe she had an active interest in music and

    she began playing piano at the young age of 5 years old. Once she

    entered middle school she signed up for band and begin to play flute at

    11 years old. She played flute in the band for middle, high school and

    college. She played flute and piano for solo and ensemble for high

    school. She also participated in ACT-SO competitions locally and

    nationally throughout all of high school. Also she participated at the

    Central Michigan University Keyboard Festival and Competition, for the

    piano proficiency test.

    She attended Saginaw Valley State University where she received her

    bachelor’s in International Business, Foreign Languages (Spanish &

    French) and minor degrees in Music Performance and German


    Laneise has various awards and certificates for piano. She participated

    in two talent shows throughout middle and high school and won 2nd

    and 3nd places. She won gold and silver medals in the local ACT-SO

    competition in high school. She has music achievement certificates for

    winning first place in local and first place in state high school festival in

    May, 2003. Music Merit Award for piano performance and maintaining a

    high level of excellence throughout 2000-2001 school years. She

    earned a Certificate of Level 1 proficiency achievement in piano at state

    solo and ensemble festival in March, 2003. Also, she earned the Board

    of Education ‘Accent on Achievement of excellence in piano solo’,

    superior rating, proficiency 1, MSBOA state solo and ensemble festival

    April, 2003. Each year that she participated she earned the Certificate

    of Achievement in performance, instrumental technique, theory, sight

    reading, and aural awareness from Mid-Michigan Music Teachers

    Association throughout middle and high school years. There are

    numerous certificates for participation in recitals.

    In high school and after graduation, she performed mini concert

    sessions for various churches, playing flute and/or piano. She enjoyed

    playing for weddings and playing for Christmas concerts every year.

    The highlight of her musical career this far has included owning a

    successful piano studio for over 6 years in her home of Michigan before

    moving to Georgia. She has enjoyed seeing the results of former

    student’s blossom into great musical performers. She has a history of

    excellent music teachers however; the most influential music teacher

    would be Mary Ellen Bartlett whom she began to study under around

    high school years. ‘She encouraged me and helped me to tell a story

    with the music I played. She was very patient and kind and she went

    above her call of duty as a teacher’. She even helped Laneise venture

    off into starting her own piano studio. Her teaching helped explode an

    already burning passion for music inside of Laneise. This is why Laneise

    understands the importance of a good music teacher.

    When you study under great music teachers it develops your talent in

    such a way that you can’t even imagine. Knowing this and also having a

    passion for sharing her talent and wanting to help others develop their

    music talent is the driving force for Laneise to teach students.

    Her Philosophy- Music changes lives! It is not just a form of art but

    rather a way of life. Music can heal, restore, and touch the depths of

    our souls.Laneise is very patient, encouraging, and tailors to the needs

    of each student to ensure they are getting the most out of their talent

    for music. She has experience with working with students as young as 4

    years of age to 65 years of age. She teaches students to play from

    within which always produces magic outwardly.

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