Teacher Profile: Kent Guzey

Kent Guzey

Kent Guzey

Instrument(s): Drums

City: Seattle

Education: Northern VA Community College

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    About Kent Guzey

    Kent is a D.C. native born into a family of musicians and he discovered his natural ability to play the drums at an early age thanks to his Grandmother, Uncle and Cousin. However, Piano was the first instrument in which he received lessons. As a child, he quickly realized he could play by ear and by watching. This is how he went on to play drums, guitar and bass. Wanting to expand his drumming abilities, he began taking private drum instruction from the drummers of the United States Navy and Air Force bands, a couple of friends of Dennis Chambers, a few In-Store teachers, spending time with the late and great Legend Ricky ‘Sugarfoot’ Wellman and by constantly watching, listening and practicing what he’d heard. Kent began playing in many bands; including working bands where he had to learn to play certain styles on the fly, one of the many reasons he emphasizes listening!

    Along the way, he attended Recording Engineering School and fell in love with the recording process. Creating music with any and every instrument, effects, easily cutting and splicing audio, the possibilities became limitless. This helped Kent understand the importance of each instrument and their individual parts in a song or piece, and specifically how the beat and the rhythm allows the music to breathe. Music production has also strengthened Kent’s drumming/rhythmic skills, locking in time, groove and pocket. His love of showing his friends new ideas and applications he had learned, teaching naturally followed.

    Kent’s teaching method is all about Foundation, creating a solid vehicle for students to drive, to take their imaginations wherever they want to go. Rudiments, independence, listening, hearing and FEELING as well as hand eye (legs, feet) coordination and fun. Kent is always eager to share his joy and knowledge with students as well as discovering the ways in which they learn and receive information, expanding and complimenting what is already natural to them.

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